About me

“Music was my first love”


Even as a child I loved singing the records by Queen, Supertramp, Police, Genesis, … At some point my parents gave me a small guitar, which I desperately learned to play with the help of Peter Burschs book “Playing the Guitar Without Notes”. Reading music is still a bit difficult today 🙂 but at some point I developed a passion for writing my own songs – some in english, some in german and some in bavarian language. While I present my bavarian songs under the pseudonym “mund|g|recht” on the website www.mundgrecht.net, I created this homepage for my english songs.

I am supported here by my long-time friend “Markus Reiter”, with whom I have had many years of musical collaboration, going back to the time of the first cover band “Fine Arts”. I’m happy about everyone who listens to the songs and also about your feedback.

Your Tom Dee (Thomas Dittmar)


Christmas Girl is a joint production of Markus Reiter and me. I composed and wrote the song in mid-2023. Markus produced the song and recorded most of the instruments.

Our thanks also go to everyone who took part in this Christmas song:

  • Julia (Lead- and backings)
  • Theresa (backings)
  • Jens (Bass)
  • Brez (Guitar)
  • Lukas (Drums & Mastering)

Street Love Affair

I wrote “Street Love Affair” in 2012 and then recorded it in the studio “die:mischbatterie” in Riedering (Bavaria). Today Stephan works for many international artists (including Alicia Keys, Helene Fischer, Plácido Domingo, Lou Bega, …).

My thanks go especially to 2 great musicians who contributed musically to the piece, namely:

  • Csaba Schmitz (Drums, e.g. Mandoki Soulmates, Howard Carpendale, …)
  • Florian Opahle (Guitar, e.g. Ian Anderson, Al di Meola, Greg Lake, …)

You make me feel explode

“You make me feel explode” is the “B-side” of the EP “Street Love Affair” in 2012, which I recorded at the same time in the studio of Stephan Zeh.

Many thanks even here to

  • Csaba Schmitz (Drums)
  • Florian Opahle (Guitar)